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Mo Anderson and her story! A beautifully-told uplifting & encouraging book by Keller Williams legend, Mo Anderson.


Painted Buffalo Patrons! It’s been a little bit and I hope this message finds you and yours well and recovered (haha) from the holidays. While it is a special and magical time of year, I know for me, as a single working momma, it can be exhausting and stressful for sure. But now that we’re all getting back into our normal routines, or maybe new, healthier ones, it’s natural to reflect on the past year and look to the year ahead — What we did right, what we may want to do differently or better.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my 30s now, but one of the things that I keep coming back to, and something I’m focusing on big time for the remainder of this month of January, is being joy-filled. It’s no coincidence our fearless leader, Mo Anderson, book is titled “A Joy-Filled Life” You can purchase the Waukomis-native’s wisdom-filled and inspiring self-penned work in our online store!

Yes,, I had to sneak in a little plug there. (Not sorry! And you won’t be either when you read it.

Stay with me here — I’m sharing this to say, it’s hard right? You're burnt out from the Christmas season. Maybe you’re trying to not get completely overwhelmed with work - home - kids - finance - life responsibilities.

So how does joy, genuine joy, naturally factor in here?

I think it’s in soaking up the moment and being present when my sweet 6-year-old boy wants to recount, in excited detail, the last football play he just watched on TV when there are five other things on my mind. Maybe it’s turning the TV off and spending some quality time outside just throwing the football around — because yes, that laundry can wait another 30 minutes to be folded.. Perhaps it’s writing down a list of your current worries, and on the other side of the page listing everything you’re grateful for — big or small.

I did this just the other night! It honestly felt like I was at the end of my rope mentally and emotionally,and when I wrote those things down my thankful list was twice as long as my worries. — my blessings were “double my troubles,” so to speak. Funny how God works like that sometimes isn’t it?

Most of the time we don’t STOP and write it out on paper enough. We focus on those same anxieties and worries nagging at us in our minds, and what does that do? It steals and kills our joy, and it certainly does not aid in solving those very things we are worrying about. I don’t know about you, but I’ve allowed more than enough things/people/situations to steal my joy over the years. I read up on joy and what it really means in comparison to being happy. I think the biggest takeaway is that true joy is not circumstantial, it’s not conditional on what’s hitting you in life at the moment because life will never stop or wait for us to catch up.

So that’s my encouragement to you wonderful friends! Find the joy in your day. Look for it, seek it out — the big and small things. I believe God uses all kinds of things to reveal His joy and plan in our lives, especially when and where we least expect it. Let’s celebrateJoy-Filled January the rest of this month, y’all! And something tells me it will spill right over into the rest of the year if we choose it, every day!

Sending true joy from me to y’all!

~ Oklahoma Katie

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