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An enduring exemplar of the determined immigrant who forever left behind hearth, home, and kindred, Swedish native Frederick Anderson came to America while still a teenager in 1886. He won land in Kingfisher County in the (Central Oklahoma) Land Run of 1889. He sold that and purchased 160 acres two miles west of Waukomis in 1902 from the family who acquired it in the run of 1893 that established Waukomis. Anderson built a home, married mail order bride Fannie Kerr, whom he had never met, then sired and raised six children with her on the same farm. Anderson’s lineage includes grandsons Richard Anderson, who built both Buffalo Point and the new Buffalo Junction block in downtown Waukomis, and Gene Anderson, long a Waukomis leader and 21st Century owner of Frederick Anderson’s original quarter-section, which is now designated an Oklahoma Centennial Farm.

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